lessons learnt

  1. people don’t change
  2. everything else changes
  3. life is not a fantasy, it’s brutal.
  4. when someone acts big and holy, they are most probably hiding an insecurity.
  5. songs are the best thing in this universe
  6. if you struggle when it comes to studying, you are most probably a creative person.
  7. you are most probably a mastermind at something and the biggest idiot at something else.
  8. remember that you are insulting yourself and what you go through and your experiences, when you compare yourself to someone else.
  9. if you are a naturally vulnerable person, this world will not be kind to you.
  10. be loyal to yourself and stand up to your perspective and your truth
  11. there’s a possibility that the person you hate most, or dislike, cries to bed every single day.
  12. don’t ever let yourself regret your decision. ( I haven’t learnt this but I don’t want to regret my decision, I want to honor them )
  13. ” don’t ever let someone be the reason you wake up in the morning “
  14. Don’t ever regret leaving someone who treated you like shit.
  15. for the love of god, be happy



19 Replies to “lessons learnt”

  1. Alright, so point number 4,7,8,9,10,11,12,13(a golden point),14,15 should be framed in your honour and school kids should be taught those as a part of their happiness curriculum!
    Dude, you may not be realizing your potential as a “The-Person-in-Making” but you surely are!

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    1. the 13th one is from gabbie hanna. It was in her poetry book. i think that is the one every single person has to learn someday. Theres also another book that i read where a girl is like ” he is my whole world ” and her mother replies,” don’t ever say that about anyone. not even me” I think its pretty powerful.
      but also thank you for the response. i gotta go.

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      1. Hmm.. Words create wonders.

        You know, the worst part is always about the segment where people are tryna drag you away from achieving your dream by either sucking your motivation away or by derailing you off the track. I hate such creepy beings. This is the reason why I do Ramblings posts. To vent out my anger. I connected well to your points.

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      2. sorrry. i am really really awkward and weird like this. its hard or me to explain. I someone asks for my opinion on something that they wrote, i … dontt know how to respond and that makes the other person think that maybe they are not good enough. same goes with how if someone is being nice to me, i don’t know what to do about it. its the hardest thing that i can’t explain. and the most awkward and incessant problem that i have. and it has plagued every area of my life. i just needed to explain.


      3. Haha.. You are much, much more than you think of yourself, Hurain. You should not be doing that, frankly speaking. As Sylvia Plath once said, “self doubt is the enemy of creativity”..it applies to you. You are a whole universe of ideas in yourself! Take the spacecraft of courage and confidence and explore it! Enlighten the world! Damn! Potential 🔥

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