The Flabbergasted Romantic

no i did not write this, it was my brother. again.


Threw the drink on my face

And yelled

How could you?

So I ran

Before she could reach for her shoe.


A cheater she called me

But I told her

“Though there were just two

I only ever thought of you”


Like the heavy makeup on her face

She wouldn’t budge

And forgive this slightest mishap

She is the one

That my heart cherishes


To surprise her

I bought a cake

Which somehow found it’s way

Onto my face


Such an aesthetic accent

How can I live without it

Please don’t go away

With your exotic scent


This time

I won’t object

To your scratching head

Or the colonies of lice

That parade in it

Never would I complain again

When I am plucking them from your hair


I am Romeo

To your Juliet

Save the poison

We are perfect for each other


Why can’t you understand

That you are the one


For whom

My heart goes thump




One Reply to “The Flabbergasted Romantic”

  1. Hahahaha! Ilyas is such a magical poet! He knows his expression of emotions perfectly!
    I see this in your poems as well!

    This was a delightful read.
    The shoe part, the lice part and the cake part were my favourite 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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