When I was little, the rain smiled at me

It tickled my nose and made me laugh

It taught me to hug myself a little tighter

And hold my head a little higher

I would dance under it’s canopy to my hearts desire

And marvel at how it made my days so impossibly warm and cold at the same time.

But the rain was so sad and melancholy

I found it funny when it cried and crackled

Little did I know that all along, it was just in so much pain.


what a wonderful boy!

WWith the bottle of rum in my hand, I stroll

Through the glaring crowd,

Onto the church floor.

Near the dead body, I stop

And raise the bottle to my mouth, like a mike

I barf and then shout

“I’m gonna make a speech for you all”

His eyes wide, my uncle yells

“You’ve lost your flippin mind”

Rage boiling from her head, my aunt cries

“Someone tackle this mischievous boy”

While my mother raises her head to the sky

And asks

“Oh God, Why”

Like a spectator,

My sister takes a seat on the bench

While shoveling chips into her mouth

She watches the drama unravel

My father,

Digs a look into the ground

Apparently searching for oil

And acts like I’m some guy

He hasn’t seen in his whole life

I examine the body with my eyes,

And blurt out

“What an ass twit,  

 Humiliated me all my life

Yet I wish you hadn’t died

You were my brother after all


My ass-clowned twin”

I take a sip from the rum

The entire church silent,

Erupts in woeful cries

As my aunt clears her nose, on her sleeves

And cries

“What a Wonderful Boy”

Every one smiles

While I stammer forward

And splash my brother’s face

With all my insides

As the casket drips with vomit

-my brother.



in the middle of this busy life,

i have to halt and take a step back

when a thought occurs to me

that maybe,

we are all just accidents of birth,

some leftover dust

from a spontaneous implosion.

And that some mathematical probability or

a scientific equation

resulted in a lost and meaningless little girl

fiddling with faith and destiny like a toddler

who, in the end, truly has nowhere to go.

and i feel like i might just explode like a ticking time bomb.

my palm.


can you hear it?

the delicate, incessant

click click in the air

I close my eyes and with clever little fingers,

continue to turn the intricate, detailed

clockworks inside my head

as a smile plays its way onto my face.

all of a sudden, poetry blooms on my palm.


Slashed wrists

Sleeping pills

No remedy

I have missed


Sad songs

Scarred souls

Why am I

Not whole


Dreary eyes

Dry thorat

Tell me where

Do I belong


Broken ribs

Balcony jump

Why can’t I escape

From this spiteful earth

-my holy brother


this is the best. she is too good. check out her other poem guyyyss. this one iss toooo good


Above the world, 

beyond it all,

we sat at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Inky, endless night surrounded us

as we looked, and we saw

the world from a higher perspective.

The way the lights twinkled,

Neon, tinted with spirit.

And that the people looked

how we must look to God in the heavens.

We were stoned on youth.

On dreams,

on love.

Only sixteen,

only just beginning.

But then

in the middle of wishing,

I fell, from the top.

Down and down until here, and now.

And came to find

that the pretty lights stop twinkling

once you’re on the ground.

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The Flabbergasted Romantic

no i did not write this, it was my brother. again.


Threw the drink on my face

And yelled

How could you?

So I ran

Before she could reach for her shoe.


A cheater she called me

But I told her

“Though there were just two

I only ever thought of you”


Like the heavy makeup on her face

She wouldn’t budge

And forgive this slightest mishap

She is the one

That my heart cherishes


To surprise her

I bought a cake

Which somehow found it’s way

Onto my face


Such an aesthetic accent

How can I live without it

Please don’t go away

With your exotic scent


This time

I won’t object

To your scratching head

Or the colonies of lice

That parade in it

Never would I complain again

When I am plucking them from your hair


I am Romeo

To your Juliet

Save the poison

We are perfect for each other


Why can’t you understand

That you are the one


For whom

My heart goes thump